Soccer Training program


  • Soccer training:

    The club will offer a very basic program to teach and help improve your soccer skills. Our philosophy is that the more time you spend with the ball, the better you will get.

    Our club plays every week year round so you will have plenty time to improve your skills.

    2 sessions per week. Each session will end with a practice game. There will be a weekend tournament to track the players progress. The tournament will be once a month. This program is coed soccer.

    The sessions will be guided by soccer coaches and assistants.

    Each session will consist of 10-18 people.


    Course syllabus:

    1. Agility, body movement, position (Day1)

    2. Passing, dribbling , shooting, ball control (Day 1 and 2)

    3. Technical and tactics during soccer game, team work (Day 2)

    4. Practice game (Day 1 and 2)


    Membership fee:

    On the go package: $10 per session

    Platinum package: $35 a month for 6 sessions (training + practice games)

    Gold package: $40 a month for 8 sessions (training + practice games) + 1 tournament + 1 club's T-shirt.

    If you are ready to improve your skills and enjoy playing soccer with one of the biggest adult soccer clubs in New York, come join us.

    Schedule Coming soon.

    Contact info: (516) 343 9026

    Thank you

    The Soccer Team, Inc

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