Women’s Soccer Club – Games – Training

Women's Soccer Club

Games and Training

Welcome to our club.

If you are looking to improve your soccer skills or just have some fun playing friendly games, this is the place for you.

The club will be organizing the following events starting Spring 2018:

Training sessions:

In many locations in Long Island. Indoor and outdoor. 


2 divisions tournaments and leagues:

Open division: Competitive - intermediate to advanced players (18 & older).

Limited division: Competitive - beginners to advanced player (26 & older).


Friendly / pickup games:

Games just for fune. No seasonal commitment. Pickup a game, sign up and play. 


The Club will be represented by 2 official teams:

#SQUAD - Open division

#N/A - Second team for Open division

N/A - Limited division 


#SQUAD - Official soccer team


If you are interested in playing in our club and have fun, join us.

To join contact (516) 343 9026

Or join our meetup soccer group below: (The biggest one in Long Island).

Women's Soccer Club

Lindenhurst, NY
28 Club Members

Come join our Women's Soccer Club.Programs:Pickup soccer, leagues, tournaments and training. All welcome, beginners to advanced players.This club started not only to organi...

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Join our Coed Soccer Club for coed soccer:

Long Island Adult Soccer

Melville, NY
1,486 Soccer players

https://youtu.be/X6FzroMZIGwhttps://youtu.be/nRoB_461zXoThe Soccer Team,Brings the beautiful game to you!We play pickup soccer in Long Island and Queens.Everyone is wel...

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