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Welcome to the club !

We are a recreational adult soccer club and our main goals are to stay active and have fun.

We have created the perfect soccer community in Long Island and Queens where anyone can join the game no matter whether their goal is to enjoy a good soccer match, show off skills, learn how to play soccer, practice, improve skills, run around to stay active,  improve health benefits, get a good workout, get rid of stress or just to make friends and have fun.

The club was founded in 2012 having only 1 game a week and since then we have grown to more than 1000 members with about 200 active members and 16+ games every week.

Our believe is that " The more you play soccer, the better you will get ".

Our programs include:

Pickup coed soccer games, seasonal leagues, tournaments and training.

This is a club for everyone (18 and older) beginners to advanced players. (Under 18 must have parents permission to play).


The Lindenhurst Bubble, Lindenhurs NY

The Sports Arena, Saint James NY

All Star Arena, Coram NY

World Gym, East Setauket NY

Globall Sports Center, Garden City NY

North Shore Indoor Sports, Bayside Queens

Casamento Park, Bay Shore NY

Massapequa Indoor Field, Massapequa NY


We are a very active club and we play every week year round.

If you are ready to add a fun activity and lifestyle to your life join us!

Register for free at our meetup soccer group below:

Or contact (516) 343 9026 for more information.

(Read club rules below)




Long Island Soccer

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Welcome to LI CoEd Soccer.We are the biggest meetup soccer group in Long Island.We have games every day, every week year round.Games in many locations in Nassau County, Suf...

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Club rules


The rules posted here are to make the games more enjoyable and everyone's safety.

By joining this club you are aware that soccer is a contact sport and accidents or death can happen. Therefore you agree that if you get hurt, the club, officials, members, facility owners, sponsors and everyone else involved in this group are not responsible or liable. You assume full responsibility. If you agree, join our club. A physical waiver MUST be singed before you join the game.


Basic rules

  • No slide tackle
  • Respect all players, the ref and everyone in the event
  • Turf shoes preferred
  • Shinguards are not mandatory but recommended
  • Everyone must sign waivers to be allowed to play
  • Recruiting players to go play at other groups is not allowed. If you try to recruit players from this club to go play somewhere else you will be removed.

Reservations and attending a game

  • You must reserve (RSVP) your spot to join a game
  • You can RSVP at any time of the week but you must confirm your attendance at least 3 hours before the game starts. To confirm just post a comment or contact the organizer. If you won't attend the game, you MUST cancel your reservation at least 3 hours before the game starts or contact the organizer as soon as possible. (516) 3439026
  • You are responsible to pay for all the spots that you reserve if you want to bring guests to play so please make sure your guests are aware of our rules. If they cancel at last minute, you will have to pay for them. No exceptions.
  • Everyone has credit with us. You are not asked to pay up front to join a game. But if you reserve a spot to play and do not show up, you will be asked to pay for the spot that you reserved so you can still have credit with us. If you do not want to pay, the next time you want to play, you will just be asked to pay up front at least 3 hours before the game starts to confirm your attendance. If payment is not received by confirmation deadline, someone else will take your spot.
  • Online payments accepted: PayPal, Venmo, Cash app.
  • We are a very active club and most people show up to the games. Please understand that the club and the teams are expecting everyone to show up to play. If you do not show up the game gets affected and time is wasted because we have to reorganize the teams.

Pickup Soccer Games

  • Always bring 2 shirts, a black shirt and a white shirt.
  • Turf shoes preferred.
  • Yelling at other players is not allowed since this is a pickup soccer game and the teams can be formed by beginners as well. Remember, pickup soccer games are to have fun. So enjoy!


  • Everyone MUST respect the referees at all times.
  • No yelling, cursing or threatening the referees or anyone in the club.
  • Respect the referees calls even if he is wrong. No referee is 100% perfect. The club will evaluate the referee's performance to be considered to ref another season.
  • Yellow card is 2 minutes out (player can not be replaced)
  • Red card is out of the game (player can not be replaced)

League Games

  • No cleats allowed. Turf shoes only.
  • If you join a team, you must commit to the whole season. If you abandon the team in the middle of the season, you will be kicked out of the club.
  • Wear your team's jersey
  • You can not join another team playing in the same league.
  • A team can not have any new players added to the roster after the 3rd week. If any teams use new players after the third week, the game will be disqualified and the points awarded to the opposite team. Teams that need players can request to have sub players from our reserve team only. To request players contact the organizer (516) 3439026
  • If your team does not show up to the game, it will be considered a forfeiting team for that game.
  • If your team only has 5 original roster players, it will be considered a forfeiting team for that game.
  • The team's roster is due the 3rd week of games. No exceptions.
  • The games will start right on time so please arrive earlier to warm up and have your team ready to play.


  • More info coming soon

Soccer training 

  • Practice held twice a week Saturday and Sunday mornings


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